27 April 2011

Gucci Replica 1:1 now on aan's boutique

This section is : PRE-ORDER itemS

Grade Quality : 1:1 
Best time to have great handbags with high quality! 
What is 1:1 item? 1 ratio 1 item is the MOST COMPLETE imitation and TOP GRADE among all replicas.
I wouldn't say 1:1 item is 100% same with authentic
but I would say 99% alike. 
item is made of genuine oxidize leather. Dust bag, paper bag & cards included!
Order for open & deposit required.

* kemasan luar dalam serupa dengan yang original! memang tak sama dengan 'streets' quality tau! Quality tip-top!*

'vintage web' medium Boston bag with web detail

'joy' medium boston bag.

'mayfair' small messenger bag with bow detail and interlocking G detail.


'vintage web' medium messenger bag with web detail.

'gucci charm' medium top handle bag with leather interlocking G charm.

'gucci craft' medium tote with detachable pocket.

*If you wish to have other collections, name me the bag..will source for you 
but 1:1 quality still limited*

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or when wet. The patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully since they are sophisticated made and look as if they are original ones. Every handbag of this grade is strictly made, making sure they look the same with the genuine handbag. The major difference from a 1:1 replica handbag is in the handcrafts, which is sophisticated still. Every detail has been paid special attention to and the execution is even nicer than the original handbag (because most of the original ones are handmade, and replicas are done by machines, so there is no wonder). Due to the complicated craftwork required, replicas of this grade are not mass-produced, and thus their price is comparatively high. But I suggest you buy these replicas rather than the original. You see, it features so delicate craftmanship just like the authentic, even an expert in handbags can tell them apart.The highest level of replica handbags enjoys the advantages of reasonable price, elegant in texture, exquisite workmanship and high cost performance, and thus is the best choice for those who can’t afford the genuine but long for genuine quality.