24 February 2011

Tudung Exclusive : Muliya

Tudung Exclusive : Muliya

Materials: Dual Tone Chiffon Creep
Lycra Denim as the awning
Large size : 60"
Best solution to replace your 'telekung' whenever you are on traveling..
Very comfortable & easy to wear.

How to wear? View this step for further info.

by Az-Zahra Collections
design by: Muliya

Normal Style
Niqab Style
Colour Availables:

from above:
 1. baroque-cashmere
 2. dark brier-firtile red 
3. deep peacock-lagoon blue 
4. locomotive orange-skip orange 
5. poison pink-azalea pink 
6. pompous red-corrida
7.  lounge gold-acid lime
8. sorcerer black-silent silve    
 9. aerobatic blue-water scape - booked by Umm
10. all black ( not in the photos)

Promotion price: RM 69.00

Open for wholesale order. Please send your request to aanboutique@gmail.com or munira.azman@gmail.com.